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With extensive experience providing security services in Indonesia, IPB Solutions has managed a wide range of security projects throughout the Indonesian Archipelago. Whether you require small or large scale event security, VIP and Executive protection services, or corporate security reviews, our team is equipped to provide the highest standard of expertise available. We work in close association with all authorities in Indonesia, including Military (TNI), Government and Police departments to ensure the highest level of compliance with Indonesian law.

Our Services

Event Security


- Event management

- Security personnel

- K9 Units

- Paramedic/First aid

- Permits and licensing

Executive Protection


- Indonesian/Expat teams

- Vehicle escorts (police/military/civilian)

- Armed security

- VIP airport services

Corporate Security


- Risk assessment/planning/implementation

- IT security

- Executive protection

Maritime Security


- Private and commercial vessel security

- Maritime security, personnel and  project management

- Security patrols (armed and unarmed)

- Piracy & terrorism counter measures consultancy

For all enquiries please contact our staff on or call:  +62 819 999 07045 (Indonesia)

                                                                                                                                      + 61 402 477 165 (Australia)

Our Partners
Past Clients
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