Property Consulting

Land acquisition and property construction in Indonesia follows a different framework from that in the West. There are a series of complex laws, and various cultural considerations,that can create a confusing and anxious experience for those investing in, or purchasing, property in Indonesia. Our expert team at IPB Solutions will guide you through the process and provides you with an outcome that gives you assurance and piece of mind. Our services include:

Our Services



- Complete legal documentation

- Estate zoning advice

- Contract preparation and review

- Will, testament and prenuptial agreements

Due Dilligence


- Title validity checks

- Zoning compliance

- Building permit approvals

- Ensure building regulation compliance



- Negotiation and mediation of conflicts

- Legal advice and positioning

- Private and commercial transactions

Acquisition and Construction


- Architectural drafting and design

- Construction management

- Commercial landscaping

- Sales and property management


For all enquiries please contact our staff on or call: + 62 819 999 07045 (Indonesia)

                                                                                                                                     + 61 402 477 165 (Australia)