About US

IPB solutions is an Indonesian owned, Expat operated consultancy firm established to assist private and public organisations achieve their strategic goals within Indonesia and the surrounding regions. With consultants and affiliate partners based in both Indonesia and Australia, our network of associates is uniquely placed to advise and facilitate business opportunities ranging from small start-up ventures, to major infrastructure projects, and government to government investment and trade facilitation.


Our consultants and associate partners have the expertise and knowledge to help identify, strategically plan, and oversee the implementation of proposed and existing projects in international markets within Indonesia and select Asian nations. We will ensure regional compliance, utilise our cross-cultural and market experience, and draw on our vast network of contacts, to ensure we provide unique solutions to each project.   


For all enquiries please contact our staff on info@ipbsolutions.com or call: + 62 819 999 07045 (within Indonesia)

                                                                                                                                     + 61 402 477 165 (within Australia)