Food and Beverage


It is well known that doing business in Indonesia can be challenging. The food and beverage sector in Bali is not different. It is extremely competitive, with significant barriers to entry, and  a number of factors must be carefully considered to give you every chance of surviving and building a successful and fulfilling business. IPB Solutions has significant experience in guiding new F & B enterprises from formation through to open. We will be your 'feet on the ground', ensuring you have a local representative acting on your behalf to protect your interests and ensuring a smooth and efficient set-up process.


Our close and long-standing local relationships significantly assist our clients to  overcome the inevitable obstacles that come with doing business in Bali. From legal consultants, to real estate agents and building contractors, we will ensure you have the best team to make your dream a reality.

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For all enquiries please contact our staff on or call:  +62 819 999 07045 (Indonesia)

                                                                                                                                      + 61 402 477 165 (Australia)

Legal Requirements

- Company Formation

- Licencing and trademarks

- Visa Requirements (if applicable)

- Contract preparation

- General Legal Advice

Property/Land Acquisition

- Site identification and advice

- Lease negotiation

- Lease and contract preparation

- Notary Services

Venue Construction

- Identify and connect with local contractors

- Manage utility requirements

- Timeline management

- Site checks and reporting